The Angels were all singing out of tune,                        And hoarse with having little else to do,          Excepting to wind up the sun and the moon,               Or curb a runaway young star or two...                           - Lord Byron

Photo by Aich Bengio

Photo by Aich Bengio

DAR MALAK (“The house of the Angels”) is a large, colourful property located in the heart of the medina (old town) of Assilah (also spelt "Asilah"). Perched on the edge of the city wall, directly facing the Atlantic ocean, Dar Malak was originally a traditional fisherman's home, with two small bedrooms build around a large open patio. The current disposition of the house, although considerably different and modernized, has maintained that open sense of space on the ground floor and was fitted with a removable "central roof" which, on the warmer summer evenings, filters the gentle breeze and oceans' enveloping hum. A very personal home, Dar Malak was not initially designed for the holiday-maker but was intended as a "refuge" for our family and friends. Opened to the public a few years ago, it has continued to ripen into what can be described as a real home : warm, comfortable and personal. Filled with paintings as well as artefacts collected during our travels, Dar Malak offers each of us a space where we can step out of our hectic lives and simply relax, either alone or with company, in silence or amidst a bubble of childrens' laughing chatter.

Open all year, you can either opt to relax by the fireplace with the thunderous ocean roaring at your feet, or absorb the warm sun while sipping a cool drink on one of the two terraces, as you watch the fishing boats drift lazily on the horizon straight ahead. 

Dar Malak is a 10 minute walk from Assilah's public beach which then blends into 30kms of beach towards the north, and 10kms of sandy beaches to the south. The restaurant area is less than a 10 minute walk, whereas the house is 5 minutes from the local shops.

Description and amenities : 

With a maximum capacity of 6-8 people (children included) and entirely furnished, Dar Malak has a surface of 300m consisting of three double bedrooms, a large living, two dining areas (one with a sea view), two chimneys, 2 bathrooms, 3 WCs and a fully equipped kitchen. You can also enjoy some time on the two terraces  - including the flower filled, suspended garden – that have a stunning, unobstructed view of the ocean.

The house is equipped with a rechargeable telephone, which allows you to receive incoming costs for free and you can make all outgoing calls by using a prepaid telephone card (readily available in Assilah). 

All rentals include the services of a full time housekeeper who will clean, shop and cook for you 6 days a week. The rental rates also include all utilities, household linens, and high speed wifi and cable internet access.

Email : azzilah@gmail.com